I’ve finally moved to London!

Years after wanting to, and after months of deliberating about postgraduate degrees, living expenses, and my career plan – I’m now living in the city I’ve always loved.

Coming from a small (not actually so small) city, I’ve always wanted to travel beyond home. Break away from the same network, venture out while I can.

First I moved to Coventry, Madrid, back to Coventry and after a quick summer break, London.

Four years ago, while everyone else was proudly Facebooking their A-Level results, I was frantically calling university clearing hotlines. I still have my notepad with contact numbers of universities I’d never even heard of scribbled all over. I initially wanted to study journalism at Brunel University – close to London, NJTC Accredited, perfect.

Fast-forward to now: I’m a journalism and media graduate and a postgrad student.

I wanted to apply for a postgrad almost as soon as applications opened. I knew I wasn’t quite ready to apply for the jobs I really want. Specialising in Middle Eastern studies has been my end goal for so long. After taking modules touching on conflicts in the Middle East previously, spending so much of my time researching on Palestine-Israel, and just having a personal interest in the Middle East, I knew SOAS was the right university for me.

I’ve been here just over three weeks, living with my childhood best friend, Wahida. She’s been a lifesaver, providing hassle-free accommodation, helping me settle in and just for pushing me to always follow my interests.

My first week included a gig in Islington, going to the Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter Tour, touring London on foot (25km in one day) with my friends visiting me – thank you! I also explored Camden Market, bagging myself a Levi’s vintage denim jacket that I’ve wanted for months. Shoreditch, Angel, Central and basically just eating at restaurants you don’t find in Southampton or Coventry.

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The following week was Freshers but SOAS Freshers isn’t like other unis. We had Departmental Talks, meet & greet for postgrads, a debate session, a film panel on ‘Decolonising SOAS’ and obviously a couple fayres. I’ve no idea why but I have a florescent visor cap, a neon lei garland, and a LSE backpack.

It took me a while to organise my schedule because I like to know what I’m doing in advance. I had a few timetabling issues with uni and overlapping events but after my first academic week at uni, I’m settled.

It feels similar to my move to Madrid, I’m trying to find time to explore/be spontaneous, while also prioritising the studying side of it.

With it being a Masters, I’ve already got a long list of reading/further reading and 3 essays/presentations/assignments due in approx. 5 weeks.

I know it’ll be a tough academic year but also I’ll have so much fun while getting closer to landing my dream job.


work work work work wo-


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