The Tale Of Fan Wars

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed are my own, and generally unpopular with others. The views, opinions, or anything else is only humor.

Fan Wars stem from two opposing groups: those who feel uncomfortably warm and those who exaggerate feeling cold.

With every Ramadan comes Taraweeh prayers. They usually last around 2 hours long, and for the last few years Ramadan has taken place in the summer.

This year is no different. It’s approx. 20 degrees outside and it feels like much more inside a prayer hall. Plus, with the hall being used to feed Iftar to the community, there’s not enough time for the smell of curry and biryani to air out before we pray.

In our local mosque, we have fans attached to the walls around most the hall. The prayers start at 11pm and finish around 12:30am, so we (the majority who start feeling hot while praying) try to wait it out as long as possible.

We had a nice little setup going on – waiting until halfway and then switching the fans on. But recently, someone will go and turn them off again after just 5 minutes complaining that it’s unbearably cold. There’s no compromise.

With that plan failing us, we tried something else. Those who felt cold have naturally started standing towards the right side of the prayer hall so we could switch on the fan that’s directed towards the left. It was working. Both groups were somewhat satisfied. But you’ll always get people who don’t understand. And we’ve had someone insist they’ll catch hypothermia!

We’re almost at the end of Ramadan, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no solution to this problem. The prayer hall will continue smelling of biryani, while we struggle to breathe. It’s just a matter of persistence balanced with respect for others.

With all that being said, I wish you a blessed last few days of Ramadan!


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