Social Media Coordinator: Coventry Storytelling Festival #CovStoryFest

The Coventry Storytelling Festival explored the techniques used by journalists, TV and radio presenters, musicians, artists, sports writers and children’s storytellers.

The two-day event was held from Friday 20th to Saturday 21st May 2016 in collaboration with BBC Academy and Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. The events included he latest advances in technology, how music adds resonance to a story, how to get the right story at Breakfast and many more. 

As a Social Media Coordinator for the Coventry Storytelling Festival, I successfully promoted the event and engaged with #CovStoryFest effectively before and after the event. As an Editor on the official Facebook page, I was able to share live videos and tweets. My personal Twitter account ( was also used to promote the event as well as the event Twitter page.

Prior to the event, I filmed two promotional videos directed towards specific talks on both days. For example, in order to create a ‘buzz’ for the 360 drop-in, we filmed with the 360 Ricoh camera to explain the session:

The second promotional video for ‘Stories Without Words’ can be viewed below:


I also wrote an informative article and shared this on LinkedIn, WordPress, and Coventry Online. This was to target a specific audience – those who would be interested in this event. As a team, we all shared each other’s posts and tweets too.

On Friday, the role assigned to me was Reporter for the Drop in session: The Future of Storytelling – 360 filming and Immersive Journalism.

I prepared by downloading Periscope and having the agenda written down. I streamed the event live on Facebook with my colleague Simona. I found it was more effective when sharing short clips to create interest instead of live-streaming more than a few minutes.

I noticed that viewers would log on to the video and continue watching it for the entire length if I had people talking directly on camera – this is why I approached people who were trying the 360 camera to tell me about their experience. I was continuously tweeting, taking photographs, and curating content for all social media platforms as I understand how to distribute news to a wider audience through the Internet. We also filmed on both days with the NX5 cameras for high-quality videos to share on the Facebook page for those who missed the event.

During the remainder of the event, I also co-produced by assigning relevant roles to the rest of the team – for example, sending a few peers outside to the Hub to give out flyers and invite them in. This was successful as several students came in to try the cameras and learn more about immersive journalism.

On the final day, I was a Producer at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire for three sessions. We organised ourselves by giving the reporters access to the Twitter/Facebook and explaining the live video aspect. This was important because everyone should be sharing their videos with a similar style and even more importantly with the hashtag #CovStoryFest. This was great because the hashtag was one of the top trending in Coventry (

As producers, we decided it was helpful and more professional if we introduced each session. I introduced the “Stories Without Words” session by researching about the main speaker and explaining the session briefly before passing on to him. We managed the event successfully, by talking to the guests, making coffees and being polite and helpful during the day.




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