Mid Final Year Reflection


I’m almost halfway through my final year at university. I’m nearly there – it’s nearly over.

Except I have a MA to get through next. I’ve wanted to specialise in order to become an investigative journalist since I was around 16 years old. It’s always been something I’m interested in because I want to use my role as a journalist to inform the public about what’s important – issues that need to be uncovered, interpreted with a different perspective and brought to light.

I chose to apply for Masters after speaking to my Dad around a year ago. He’s been in and out of hospital so when I went to see him, we spoke about what I should do after university. Since I’m the youngest, he wanted me to try and complete a Masters. I’ve been blessed with being able to choose my own career path with help from my older siblings and parents but the decision-making is usually down to me. So when he suggested it, I thought it would make sense because I’ve thought about doing a MA for a while.

I’ve since realised that studying a postgraduate degree will enhance my personal skillset and I’ll get to learn more about the political, cultural and social issues within the Middle East and put it into context so I can go on to report about it with full confidence.

There’s so much going on around the world that my own friends still don’t understand properly. Maybe because it’s not a personal interest but more importantly because I think there’s still room for improvement where social issues are concerned.

I’ve applied to three universities around London and I’ve received an offer from one already – Alhamdulillah (praise to God). The reason I want to study in London is because there’s always something to do, somewhere to go and someone to meet.

London is where it’s at. I feel like I should expand on that but I also don’t think I really need to. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Londoner but there’s a certain buzz around Central London that I can’t help but feel excited about. 

Whenever I go to see Wahida, I know we’ll always have fun because there’s so many places to go – Shoreditch, Soho, Camden etc. And everyone’s always on the move, which makes a nice change from Coventry and Southampton.

I’m going to be honest and admit that at times during this year, I have asked myself if Masters is really the best route for me now. I miss being home sometimes especially when I want to be there during important moments but I can’t be. There’s been times where I’ve dealt with personal issues and wanted to be home. But I only feel like this when my workload is overwhelming because I want freedom after university – yet I think the summer will be enough for me after this academic year.

I loved studying in Madrid because I got the chance to explore and I hate saying it as it sounds cliché but I learnt a lot about myself. And I know that I can get the same experience from living in London because the city has always been so interesting for me while living through the lives of my London friends. And not only that but Wahida has lived in London for almost 4 years and she loves it and I’ve seen her grow in a positive way since moving there. We have a good chance of being able to live together next year and that’s like the best thing ever! Being able to live with my best friend for the past 17 years sounds amazing.

I’m aware that everything might not go to plan and things can easily change so even if I don’t choose to do a Masters in the future, I know I would still love to live in London and work.

So that’s about all I’m sure of for the time-being, InshaAllah (God willing) when I reflect on this year in the future, I’ll be happy with what I’m doing.


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