My Disgust: Ferguson Verdict


Here´s a picture you won’t see in mainstream media, he’s wearing a graduation cap not a hood.

This morning I woke up to BBC news alert telling me the police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown was not convicted of any charges. The grand jury, including nine whites and three African American believed Wilson´s version of the story. Wilson is a free man while an 18-year-old is dead. I’ve had a disgusting sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since. I can’t concentrate on anything else and I feel completely useless – I’m halfway across the world from Ferguson and there’s barely anything I can do.

I’m sat in journalism lectures while typing this and I feel forced to learn history and theory while no one is discussing serious issues over in America. I’ve messaged family and friends so I can express how I feel but apparently no one is free to talk right now.


How can a police officer fire 12 shots – twice in the head? Why not once? And why was his body out left out for 4 hours? He was failed by the system. Michael Brown was unarmed but more noticeably he was black. It comes as no surprise, there’s many more names to go with his – Trayvon Martin and more recently Tamir Rice – both black and now dead.

The media is now focusing on the Ferguson riots. While I don’t condone the violence, what more can we expect? We’re not the ones who’ve been trying to be heard, we’re not the ones who’ve been protesting for justice. We’ve been sat in the comfort of our peaceful neighborhood while those living in Ferguson have seen everything fall apart. The justice system clearly doesn’t account for the minority – the African Americans. There´s more to the facts of the verdict here, there´s deeper social issues in Ferguson. As for facts, the grand jury has released the documents including testimonies and interview transcripts, available to view here:


We’re living in a cruel world where there doesn’t seem to be any justice and there’s still too many unheard voices. Not everyone is trying to be heard, we’re not all in unification about this and maybe that’s the real problem. Logging on to Twitter, there’s still people trying to excuse the killing, talking about how the police officer was attacked. He was left with a bruise not bullet wounds.

Right now in Ferguson, 29 rioters have been arrested and that´s all the media is reporting.The grand jury announced the verdict at 8pm last night when it was dark and controlling protesters would be difficult. Within the next few weeks, we’re sure to hear more about the details of the verdict. My heart goes out to Michael Brown´s friends and family and those living in Ferguson.


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