Oops, is your meat halal or not? Welcome to our world.

If you’ve paid any attention to UK media during the past few days, you’ll notice ‘halal meat’ is splashed across several headlines and why?

Pizza Express isn’t the only chain to dish out halal meat but the recent revelations that Pizza Express serves Halal meat has sparked outrage.

Comments placing Muslims at the centre of the debate have infuriated me. Halal meat eaters have not benefited at all because until this week, WE didn’t even know the chicken served at Pizza Express was halal!

I fully agree that chains serving halal meat should give consumers the freedom to choose what meat they’d like to eat by declaring their meat as halal.

If you’re a Muslim like myself, it’s instinctive to ask about the origins of the meat before you even book a table at a restaurant. We have to check about the food we eat… Welcome to our world!

There’s a straightforward solution to all of this – meat in the UK should be labelled so we all know what we’re eating.

But this anti-halal movement spurred on by ignorant newspapers won’t help at all.


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