Media and Promotions Manager: Refugee Hope

I began working with Refugee Hope in late November until April.

My responsibilities included:

• Acting as the company’s representative with the media.
• Planning persuasive and passionate approaches/pitches that will convince potential donors and advisors to donate or work with the organisation.
• Networking with other industry professionals to build long-term partnerships.
• Handling all press enquiries and ensures regular contact with target media.
• Managing and monitoring the company’s social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest).
• Developing the company’s social media strategy so relevant content reaches our respective audience.
• Curating relevant content, including photos and articles, to drive public awareness and engagement.
• Assessing media coverage relevant to the company.


I have included weekly reflections but some weeks I merely attended meetings and didn’t have much to do so I haven’t included these.


Week One

Refugee Hope decided on weekly meetings that take place every Wednesday afternoon. This gives all the charity trustees and those interested to share their views. This week’s meeting agenda was about the launch event. The charity decided on hosting a launch event at Square One in February. I created an Instagram account and was made admin for the Facebook and Twitter social networks to begin promoting the event. During the week, I updated all the social networking pages with recent photographs and status updates – sort of a countdown to the event.


Week Two

I created press releases and used my professional email account to email various newspapers and radio stations. The press releases were basically a news article that the newspapers could just copy and paste – it included the 5 W’s and background to the event. It was really easy for me to create this because of prior knowledge from all the journalism lectures. I used the BCC option for the first time and it was really helpful when sending out the same email to different people. I also created a professional signature to my email in order to develop a professional presence when communicating with the media.


Week Three

The posters were finalised. We had to edit the poster several times before we all agreed on a final version. This was because one printed, it wasn’t clear and didn’t look appealing. I had to play around with different colour themes.


I uploaded photographs from the charity’s recent trip to Jordan on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to drive public awareness – many people liked/shared the photographs and this was brilliant coverage.

I used help from the rest of the media team to create a few promotional videos to play at the event. I booked out a studio where charity trustees spoke about their work with Refugee Hope and their emotions behind helping refugees. I overcome my public speaking fear when creating piece-to-cameras.


Week Three

I used my position as a Source Newspaper reporter to share an article about the upcoming event with Coventry University students. I also put up posters around the campus as part of the promotion strategy. The charity has ordered wristbands and tickets that will be given to those wanting to attend the event.


I also got in touch with Pearl & Everett, a Brand Management and Design Consultancy company who agreed to create a logo free of charge for the charity. Originally, we planned to create a logo before creating any official social networking pages. We should’ve organised to create the logo before we created posters or even began promotion. This took them 2-3 days that was amazing because we were in need of an official logo for the charity. This was then added to all the social media pages and the posters. I also invited my friend’s list on Facebook to the event – we created an event page on Facebook so people could order their tickets online.


Week Four

I organised to interview the founder of Refugee Hope, Matthew Lyle for iCov Today – Coventry University’s Journalism News. The interview focused on the background of Refugee Hope and their ideas for the future. I shared this on Vimeo, on WordPress, Facebook and on iCov. The interview was filmed outside The Hub because Matt is a Coventry University student. I used the incorrect angle which I regret now. It should’ve been a middle shot plus a few close ups rather than myself and the interviewee in the frame.

Week Five

It was the week of the launch. I printed posters and leaflets for other team members to hand out. I attended the event early to help set up – professionals attended before other guests so we played promotional videos targeted towards businesses. I spend most the evening speaking to guests and sharing my stories about Jordan. It was great to begin networking and it was really nice to see the reaction after people watched our promo videos for the first time.

We then greeted other guests – mainly students who had come to see the band, The Wet Bandits, perform. Matt introduced the charity and the purpose of the event and the band performed songs. I interviewed The Wet Bandits to drive promotion from their fans and also because they performed for free – it was great exposure.

Week Six

Refugee Hope held a stall at The Hub during Volunteering Week. I sat at the stall and encouraged students to volunteer and sign up for membership. Students were also donating items such as clothing/tinned food to be taken when Refugee Hope travel to Jordan again. I spoke to anyone interested and explained the different roles available to them – I was interacting with so many people within the couple of hours and it was nice to know people already knew of Refugee Hope – proving the promotion was successful.



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