Wet Bandits perform at Refugee Hope launch

Rock cover band: Wet Bandits

Rock cover band: Wet Bandits

Refugee Hope, a Coventry University student-led charity launched their charity on Friday 7th February with an exclusive performance from rock cover band Wet Bandits.

The charity was formed following the student’s visit to Jordan last September through the Majid AlSadi Changing Lives Programme.

Refugee Hope aims to meet humanitarian goals while creating sustainable projects and initiate skills based training in support of the regrowth of communities displaced by famine, drought or conflict.


The opening event was held at Square One in Coventry University and was attended by various professionals and community members who were able to sign up for charity membership.

Refugee Hope merchandise

Refugee Hope merchandise

Wet Bandits performed free of charge for the event. The five-piece rock cover band based in Surrey consists of Richard Sturges (Vocals & Guitar), Robert Weaver (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Ryan Smith (Guitar & Keyboard), Josh Newport (Bass & Saxophone) and Dominic Crossland (Drums) whom have all attended the Academy of Contemporary Music, a critically acclaimed music academy based in Guildford.

They added: “We’re happy to do charity gigs especially this one because I know a lot of people that went to Jordan. I just hope it (Refugee Hope) keeps growing. The more people that are aware of it, the better it’s always gonna do.”

Listen to the interview here:


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