INTERVIEW: DJ Ironik talks about the future of British urban music

Four years after his chart hit with Elton John and Chipmunk ‘Tiny Dancer’, DJ Ironik returns with his new EP Independently Unstoppable. In an exclusive interview, he reveals what he thinks about British rappers and his plans for music-making in the future.

I caught up with British rapper, DJ Ironik, in his dressing room at Cover Drive’s concert in Birmingham – where he performed as a supporting act –  earlier this week. With last years X-Factor star, Jade Ellis, singing beautifully in the background, he answered a few questions to keep his loyal fan base updated..

Exclusive Interview with DJ Ironik

Exclusive Interview with DJ Ironik

What’s going on with the music? What have you got planned?

Ironik: “For the music… Just to make it really. My main thing is just to work hard and keep making music for my fans and that’s the main thing for now. I’ve just put out an EP which is called Independently Unstoppable.”

Is it important for you to be independent and your creative journey to be your own?

Ironik: “Now it is, at first I was signed with a major and then I signed another deal with a major label and it taught me a lot. I learnt a lot about how to process with releases… I find it better myself anyway because I can make what I want and call the shots. Especially setting up this label independently, it’s cool. It’s a good journey so far so I’m looking forward to it.”

What are the other artists have you got on the label?

Ironik: “We have one other artist including myself. He’s called JoJo F, he’s an R’n’B singer so check some of his stuff out. The main thing we’re looking for is authentic R’n’B music… Straight British urban music… Just that whole sound of British music and not just having to make chart music or dance music. I feel like that’s what we’re lacking in the UK. I wanna be one of the first especially as a rapper, just to bring that forward a bit.”

Do you feel like British music has been diluted?

Ironik: “A lot of the rappers are trying to make American sounding songs and dance records because the labels are telling them to so everyone’s confused. With me, my whole thing is to make real music from my first single ‘Stay With Me’… I made that in my bedroom and up until today I can still perform that record. That wasn’t what brought me to the charts, the people did..”

‘Independently Unstoppable’ is on iTunes now and keep up-to-date with Ironik on Twitter.


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