‘Souvenir Searching’ in Jordan

Whenever you’re abroad, it’s an unwritten rule to buy presents for your loved ones (and spend all your spare change!)

During my time in Jordan, I visited Downtown Amman and Rainbow Street which gave me the perfect opportunity to pick up a few gifts for my family and friends.

Luckily, everything costs no more than 4 Jordanian Dinar, the equivalent of around £4. I looked for key rings and fridge magnets to keep it simple.

Key rings replicating typical Arabic men

Key rings replicating typical Arabic men

The key rings were a perfect reminder of Jordan – I wanted to pick something slightly less generic than the word Jordan on a key ring.

This made me smile as it’s cute – a little Arabic man! It cost around 1 Jordanian Dinar.

Petra fridge magnets

Petra fridge magnets

Petra. Everyone knows where and what it is so how could I not buy something Petra-related? These magnets are far from the typical metal ones.

The stone effect reminds me of Petra itself – the vintage colours and texture shows the history behind Petra. These were only 0.50 Jordanian Dinar each!

Royal blue floral mirror

Royal blue floral mirror

'Asia' engraved in Arabic

‘Asia’ engraved in Arabic

I loved this mirror – the way the royal blue glistens and the floral design. It’s elegant and feminine and also has a vintage feel to it.

The lovely shopkeeper also engraved my sisters name – Asia – into the back of the mirror which was amazing. It made it even more personal.

Jordan mirror

Jordan mirror

The second mirror I bought is the typical souvenir-type mirror. The front shows the famous Treasury from Petra and it was very good-quality.

The finish is shiny – the metal has a foil-type finish which stood out to me in the gift shop.

Rather than a keyring or magnet, I chose some purse mirrors for my female family members because it’s useful.

Jordan flag metal spoon

Jordan flag metal spoon

My last souvenir is a personal joke between my brother and I – he already has a spoon, which I found odd, from Qatar. I wanted to add to his collection so I picked this up for just 1 Jordanian Dinar.

Jordanian sand bottles

Jordanian sand bottles

I didn’t buy these sand bottles but I love them so much – the art in which the shopkeepers create landscape images in a small bottle is beyond me.




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