Jordan Media Institute & Jordan TV

Wednesday 25th September


I had the pleasure of visiting the Jordan Media Institute in Amman on Wednesday. JMI was founded in 2009 by Her Royal Highness Princess Rym Ali who has endless journalism experience.

JMI aims to become a Centre of Excellence for journalism within the Middle East and offers specialised Masters programme to selected students.

Students at JMI travel from Egypt, United Arab Emirates and even USA.


We were given a tour of the advanced facilities in JMI included a library open to all Jordanian undergraduates, Apple Mac workrooms, a Media Shop giving access to high-tech media resources and radio and TV sets.

During our time at JMI, we interacted with current students who had only been studying from the start of term, almost two weeks ago. Everyone was very friendly and came from different backgrounds – one of the students was a trained dentist but had left his profession in pursuit of an exciting career as a journalist.

This really opened my eyes to the opportunities within journalism, there’s always so much to learn and it’s never to late to take the plunge!


We split off into three groups discussing different topics including Environment within Jordan compared to the UK and then presented our ideas to the whole group.

From our discussion, I learnt how Jordanians are fined for littering but this is not an enforced law – Jordan does not have the same litter system as UK and there is mounds of rubbish at every street corner.

Furthermore, their sewage system does not allow them to flush toilet paper meaning they have to dispose of this separately due to their pipe sewage system.

The JMI students were impressed by our Victorian sewage system and it was great to be able to learn from their ideas and thoughts as Arab students living in the Middle East.


I enjoyed myself at JMI because I felt comfortable as a journalist, it was great to hear how everyone else studying was just as interested in social and political affairs as I was.

We even presented our own shows on air (not live!) which was great fun! Everyone was really involved which surprised me as we only had 3 media students out of 14 students in the group.

I think it gave an insight into the practical side of journalism and how much fun it can be.


Thursday 26th September


I was excited to visit Jordan TV because it is the equivalent of BBC in the UK and it was an honour as a journalist to experience cross-cultural broadcasting.

Jordan TV is a government funded channel and has been established in 1985 offering French, English and Arabic broadcasting.

The headquarters has military protection and 24-hour broadcast services.


We were given a tour of the building and I spoke to one of the radio presenters who was live on Radio Jordan 96.3FM while we were talking!

Sandra Zawaideh has worked with Jordan Radio for 7 years and presents her own western music programme every week for 2 hours.

She produced and presents her own show and even runs the hourly news occasionally!


It was lovely to speak to an experienced radio journalist because I’m really interested in the radio sector and she was so happy to be working with Jordan TV having landed the job as soon as she graduated.

I learnt a lot from being in a professional TV/Radio environment and to see the infrastructure of a live broadcasting service.

I’m even more motivated to continue in the journalism field and maybe even try to get an internship at Jordan TV one day.



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