Woolwich Attack: No Excuse For Ignorance And Racism

A man has been murdered today in Woolwich, London. Two men making political statements attacked a man with a meat cleaver leaving him for dead before being shot by armed police.

The incident is being treated as a suspected terrorist attack by two Muslims, although this is yet to be officially confirmed.

Let me reiterate, Islam condemns hate attacks, violence in any manner and murder. This attack does not define a religion. Media reports have described the two men as ‘appearing Muslim’. Footage published on BBC show one of the attackers clearly. He cannot be identified as a Muslim. What are Muslims supposed to look like anyway?

Individuals need to stop speculating about this attack. It’s too early to assume anything right now. It has not been confirmed as a terrorist attack. Twitter users are racially abusing Muslims as a whole due to a sickening attack that is completely unrelated to the peaceful teachings of Islam. These men were not representatives of any race or religion.

In a statement, The Muslim Council of Britain added: “This is a truly barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and we condemn this unreservedly.”

As citizens of Britain, we should all be concerned for public safety and have respect for the young man who has died today.

To the people who are ignorantly declaring Muslims should be deported, executed and shunned from society, your ignorance and racism is unnecessary. Some people are sadly radicalised and carry out extreme terror attacks. Regular Muslims do not justify this.

In a situation like this, we should unite and face the incident together rather than promoting hate and ignorance, you should focus on offering support, prayers and love towards the victim and his family.


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